Fashion Comebacks: A Look Through the Decades

History always repeats itself. We fight the same battles, remake the same movies, and even wear the same clothes.

Fashion is always changing, but certain styles manage to push their way through to new people in future decades. Trend-setters may  make some changes to them, but the concept of the pieces we wear today are far from original.

It may surprise you to see how much of your wardrobe was inspired by the styles of other decades!



Fringe was trending in the 1960s. The style concept at this time was most likely influenced by the dresses of flappers from the 1920s and the clothing of the Native Americans, who wore their fringe in thin leather strips. Unlike in the 1960s, fringed clothing today is usually made of a cheaper cotton material and is most often seen on the bottom of tank tops and cardigans.


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One notable style that has returned in the past few years is high-waisted jeans. This style originated in the 40s, but reached its peak of popularity in the 70s. During the disco decade, high waisted jeans flared at the bottom, unlike today, where almost all women wear high waisted skinny jeans.

70s                 image-5

We’ve modified the style to fit in with the tight, form fitting trend that has taken over the 2010s, but similarities can definitely be seen between the high waisted pants of then and now.


Acid washed jeans and denim jackets were huge in the mid 80s. Now the style has resurrected itself. Acid wash is seen on any kind of denim material from skirts to vests. This rough, worn out look pairs nicely with plaid shirts and combat boots.

acid wash                          Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 6.07.59 PM

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The 90s have acted as one of the biggest fashion influences as of recently. So many styles that were popular during this time, when many of us were only children, are making a comeback.


402349_2600161321077_708324399_n Overalls are one of the biggest comebacks from the 90s. We wore these as kids, and 10 years ago, we would have associated them with famers. Yet, in 2014, they are hitting runways and even seen on celebrities. If worn correctly, overalls can actually be very stylish. To avoid that farmer look, I would suggest either buying overalls as shorts or buy them to be form fitting to your legs. Baggy ones may appear sloppy.


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Grunge styles have also gone through a revival phase.This trend, associated with heavy metal from the 90s, has been adapted to fit a variety of styles, from rocker to girlie girl. Plaid, a major grunge pattern, is used not only for loose fitting button ups, but also for dresses and skirts.


Plaid pairs nicely with Doc Martens, another trending piece that was big in the 90s. Although basic black Docs work well with almost any casual outfit, the company now makes them in lighter colors and even in floral patterns. Punks aren’t the only ones who can make Doc Martens work.



It’s unbelievable how styles go through a continuous cycle of in-fashion and out-of-fashion. We wouldn’t dare wear the clothes we wore 10 years ago, yet here we are, wearing the same styles that our parents, maybe even grandparents, wore. We better start saving our clothes now… who knows if our kids might be wearing the same pieces one day?


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Does What We Wear Say Something About Who We Are?


There are over seven billion people in the world, each with their own unique personality and, though we don’t think of it as often, style. Every day we walk down the streets and see hundreds of different people with a variety of looks. You’d probably be lying if you said that you didn’t judge or assume something about at least one person you passed by in the past week. Regardless of whether your thought about the person was good or bad, you were putting a label on someone that you have never even spoken to.

Is there any validation in these actions? What can we really tell about a person from what they wear?


It Matters 

“When people don’t put effort into the way they look, they’re sending the message that they don’t care what people think of them,” Gabrielle Wasserstein, 19, of Hofstra University stated.

The way we dress asks for a certain level of attention. Not many people dress up for a night out in the hopes that they will go unseen. And on the other side of it, you wouldn’t wear sweatpants to a party, unless you were suggesting that the event does not matter to you. Dressing a certain way can act almost as a public service announcement: “Where I’m going right now matters to me” or “I don’t really care about how people perceive me right now.”

That, of course, is not to say that wearing sweatpants is always unacceptable. Hanging out with a group of friends for a movie night is the perfect occasion to dress super casually. Just don’t wear sweatpants for a job interview.

Clothes can also be worn to attract specific attention. A band T-shirt could be worn so that a person may find others with interests in the same kind of music. On the other hand, going to a sports event and wearing the T-shirt of the opposing team will attract the wrong kind of attention.

“People who dress practically are usually practical people,” Victoria Rotondi, 19, of Rutgers University stated.

Clothing can also express what matters most to a person. When going on a camping trip, it can be pretty easy to tell by the way someone is dressed whether they know what they know and are prepared for the trip or if they instead care more about the way they look.

Clothing can say a lot about a person.


It Doesn’t Matter 

“Certain people are attracted to certain colors and styles because of what they like. There’s no other explanation,” Amanda Bahn, 20, of Hofstra University stated.

Just because someone dresses a certain way doesn’t mean that they’re completed defined by their style. I can attest to this, as my friends often joke that I always a wear bright colors and floral clothes, yet I love dark movies that involve psychopaths and murder. You would never be able to guess my interest based on the clothes I wear.

Assuming something about a person based on what they’re wearing is judging a book by it’s cover. This is a bad habit to fall into. I, myself, have inferred that a person was tough and menacing just because he wore dark clothing and had many piercings. It turned out that he was really nice guy. Just because a person is fond of a particular style, doesn’t mean they’re personality matches it.

Making false conjectures about people just divides us all. We may never give people a chance if we automatically assume we are different than them, without ever speaking to them.


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Fall Essentials

Summer is over.

School has started. The sun is setting earlier. The weather is getting colder. And it’s time to put away the shorts and flip flops and switch over to fall clothes.

Fall is a fun season for fashion because it is the transition period between summer and winter, allowing one a lot of freedom when choosing an outfit. Although there are tons of huge trends this fall, there are certain pieces that should be in everyone’s wardrobe.


1)Cardigans  image-4


Now that the weather is wavering in the 60s, you’re going to need a little more than just a T-shirt. Cardigans are a light enough to wear inside, but heavy enough to keep you warm when walking from building to building. They are made in so many different styles- from lace to aztec print- that anyone can find one to suit his/her style. They are also easy to find in stores. My recommendation is Forever 21 (where the one in the picture was purchased) for a wide variety and a reasonable price.


2) High-waisted jeans image-5

High-waisted jeans have come back in style within the last few years. This flattering wardrobe piece usually rises to the belly-button, or just below it, and accentuates the hip area. High-waisted jeans look good with almost any style of shirt. They make crop tops appear less revealing, yet they also looked good with a longer shirt tucked in. And if you don’t like wearing jeans, many jeggings are made high-waisted as well and look just as flattering.


3) Combat boots image-6

As I stated in my previous post, fashion is all about taking trends from other places. I don’t exactly know what made fashion trend-setters think to steal the combat boot style from the military, but they made it work! These boots are comfortable and fashion-forward. They can be worn with almost any outfit- from dresses to jeans- and will look great whether in the classroom or at a casual party.

Do It Like a Dancer


Ballerina buns, harem pants, tutus, and leg warmers: these fashion trends, which are seen all over the world today, have been worn by dancers for ages. Although these types of clothing are sold in retail stores for style purposes, dancers wear these looks for their accessibility when dancing at the studio or when performing on stage. Hofstra Dance Majors, Amber Bennett, Sierra Sharratt, and Nora Steinkamp, shared that some of these pieces, such as leggings, leotards, and tights, are even required for some of their dance classes.

“It’s a little weird,” stated Bennett when asked what she thought of dance attire being worn for fashion purposes. “Sometimes I see people wearing these things, and I assume that they’re dancers because they’re wearing our clothes,” agreed Steinkamp. Their reactions are understandable, as these outfits are to them a type of uniform, which express who they are with pride.

But, as the old saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. “I’ve always thought that it was cool that our art affects society,” stated Sharratt. “It’s kind of nice to know that our style affects society, as well.”

We may not be able to move like these dancers, but emulating their style almost makes us feel like we can. Mimicking styles is simply what society does best. It makes one wonder what the military thinks about army jackets and boots coming into style.

(Originally posted for the Hofstra Chronicle)