Fall Essentials

Summer is over.

School has started. The sun is setting earlier. The weather is getting colder. And it’s time to put away the shorts and flip flops and switch over to fall clothes.

Fall is a fun season for fashion because it is the transition period between summer and winter, allowing one a lot of freedom when choosing an outfit. Although there are tons of huge trends this fall, there are certain pieces that should be in everyone’s wardrobe.


1)Cardigans  image-4


Now that the weather is wavering in the 60s, you’re going to need a little more than just a T-shirt. Cardigans are a light enough to wear inside, but heavy enough to keep you warm when walking from building to building. They are made in so many different styles- from lace to aztec print- that anyone can find one to suit his/her style. They are also easy to find in stores. My recommendation is Forever 21 (where the one in the picture was purchased) for a wide variety and a reasonable price.


2) High-waisted jeans image-5

High-waisted jeans have come back in style within the last few years. This flattering wardrobe piece usually rises to the belly-button, or just below it, and accentuates the hip area. High-waisted jeans look good with almost any style of shirt. They make crop tops appear less revealing, yet they also looked good with a longer shirt tucked in. And if you don’t like wearing jeans, many jeggings are made high-waisted as well and look just as flattering.


3) Combat boots image-6

As I stated in my previous post, fashion is all about taking trends from other places. I don’t exactly know what made fashion trend-setters think to steal the combat boot style from the military, but they made it work! These boots are comfortable and fashion-forward. They can be worn with almost any outfit- from dresses to jeans- and will look great whether in the classroom or at a casual party.


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