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College: The Limbo between Childhood and the “Real World”

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When you leave for college, it beings to feel as if you’ve truly entered into the adult world. You’re off on your own, you can make your own decisions, and you’ve finally mastered how to do laundry.

The harsh reality- that even I, as a college student, hate to accept-is that this is far from what the “real world” is like.



One of the most exciting parts about going away to school is living on your own. Parents have no control about how you decorate your dorm room, what you stock your fridge with, or where you are at any point of the day. There are challenges to living away from home, though.

For one, you have to clean everything on your own. This could range anywhere from just your bedroom, or, if you live in suite or apartment style living, a living room and the dreaded bathroom. Life lessons for when you one day own your own house are definitely built during your time dorming, but it  does not highlight the major struggles of truly living on your own.

In most cases, parents are the ones paying for your dorming. Having your own place becomes a little less exciting when you realize that you have to pay rent every month or a mortgage. And rarely does a house outside of the magical land of college include utilities and security instantaneously and without an added fee.


   Another appealing aspect about going away to college is the food options. You aren’t stuck eating the one meal that was prepared at home; instead you have a wide variety of dining options. Just as in the real world, you have to watch your budget when spending money on food. Using the meal plan that most colleges offer is a good way to learn that.

But, in reality, after leaving college, you probably won’t be swiping away with your credit card every night to purchase food at different eateries. You will wind up full circle, eating a single prepared meal, just as you had at home, but instead cooked by you.

Focusing in on Your Preferences

Picking classes for each semester of college can be a thrilling experience. You can take classes that focus solely on your interest, instead of taking pre-picked classes, as in the case in most high schools (because how does Algebra really relate to becoming a lawyer when it really comes down to it). You may also choose what time to take these classes. You have the option to not even wake up until 2 for your 2:55 class or have Fridays off if you so choose.

As wonderful as this is, having a full time job will actual follow more closely to your high school schedule with having to wake up early 5 days a week. Most jobs follow the 9-5, Monday through Friday schedule. There aren’t really many jobs that allow you to sleep until 3pm every day.

Balancing It All 

College can be a serious balancing act. You may have to take classes all day, work at night, and then wake up early for your internship the next day, while still making time for homework, friends, and clubs.

Adulthood includes the challenges of balancing everything, as well. Unfortunately though, balancing all these things will affect more than just a gpa, but also your livelihood which your family depends on.

          College is a wonderful time to learn life skills that you will use for the rest of your life. But it’s really only a little taste of the real world. College can be a sort of paradise in limbo; one where you can enjoy many aspects of living on your own without as many burdens or penalties that may come along with it in the future. As they say: “These are the best years of your life.”


Halloween Costume Ideas


October has finally arrived and the most exciting part about this month-Halloween- is approaching!

You’re most likely spending these first few days of the month trying to decide on the perfect costume. It can be difficult to decide on a costume that is fun, looks good, and will catch people’s attention. Here are some tips to finding a Halloween costume that is perfect for you!

Looking Good

One of the worst traps to fall into during this time of year is to pick a costume simply because it looks “sexy.” Most of the time these “sexy” costumes come with the least amount of fabric for the most expensive price. Not to mention October is the month that the weather begins to get chilly and freezing your butt off just to look good is not worth it.

I’m definitely not saying that you shouldn’t try to find a costume that makes you look good! There are definitely a lot of flattering costumes out there with a little more material to them. Some nice ones I’ve seen are Roman goddesses and some of the superhero costumes.

Saving Money

Halloween costumes can be extremely costly. It seems kind of unfair that costume stores charge $50 for an outfit that you’re only going to wear once. The best thing to do when you want to save money is to make your own costume!

Some suggestions I can make include:
1. Flapper- If you have a black dress and black heels, all you really need to do is by one of those flapper headbands with the attached feather and maybe a pair of long gloves. You can find these items in a Halloween store for $5-$10 each!

2. Hippie- The boho style is in right now, so most people have a few hippie-like accessories already in their wardrobe. Bootcut jeans or boho loose-fitting pants would be good to wear if you have them. Also wear a headband or ribbon across your forehead. A cropped tank top or a shirt with a peace sign or flower will also pair nicely with sandals.

3. Cowgirl- You can wear a plaid shirt with the ends tied in a knot with cowboy boots. If you have these items, all you need to do is head over to a costume store to buy a cowgirl hat for around $10.
Can’t Decide?

Picking a costume can be challenging when there are so many options out there. You also don’t want to fall into the trap of picking the same costume that everyone else is wearing.

A good place to start to spark some costume ideas is to write down a list of your favorite movies or TV shows. Many will have costume options that you can find at either a costume store or online, or else you can make your own! Some unique entertainment-based costumes I’ve seen are the female version of Edward Scissorhands, minions (from Despicable Me) , and Lucy (from I Love Lucy.)

Group Costumes

Group costumes can be a lot of fun to do with a close group of friends! If you and your friends are up for it, I suggest the gang from Scooby Doo, the characters from The Wizard of Oz/Wicked, or The Avengers. This could also make it easier to find friends if you’re separated at at party.

scooby doo

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A Little Overdone

The one request I make of you is to not chose a costume that has been worn year after year by everyone.


– Princess costumes are cute, but seen a little too often. To mix it up, maybe try being a Disney villain, such as Ursula or Malificent.

– Almost every female has been a school-girl or nerd at least once in their life. This is hardly even a costume, since many girls just use parts of their actual school uniform for the costume. Let’s leave the plaid skirt for the classroom.

-Ladybugs and bees are also an overdone costume. The appeal in these costumes is a little odd if you think about it, since most people are disgusted by bugs.

-Animals are also very popular, but usually have very little effort put into them. Most animal costumes remind me of the costume party scene from Mean Girls. 


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The most important thing to keep in mind when picking a Halloween costume is to be comfortable. You only get to dress up once a year, so have fun with it!