5 Looks to Try for New Years’ Celebrations

2014 is almost over! By now, you probably have some plans for New Years. Whether its a night out or just a celebration with a few friends, these styles are a perfect way to bring in the new year.

FullSizeRender1. Sparkles-  Adding a little sparkle to your outfit will be enough to catch your friends’ attention. This is one of the few occasions where going a little crazy with some bedazzlement is suitable ( hey, it matches the Times Square Ball.) The best places for these pieces are around the neck, such as in the form of a necklace, or on the collar/chest area of a shirt. Pair these pieces with black so that they will stand out.

2.  Prints- Bold prints are another great way to stand out at a party. Make them pop even more by pairing them with a bright color.

Try finding printed bottoms- such as leggings, a skirt, or harem pants. It’s more unexpected.


3. A touch of color: A bold purple skirt, or any style similar to this will give off a fun, playful vibe; perfect for a party.


4. Leather- Two words: Leather leggings. They’re slimming, fierce, and- if  they’re just as equally legging as leather- fairly comfortable. Pair them with a sexy top and black heels or boots.


5.  A twist on classic- Everyone falls back on the “little black dress.” A dress like the one shown below has a similar effect, while being less expected. It’s stretchy material can show off your curves, while its interesting FullSizeRender-6pattern will turn heads. I would recommend wearing a statement necklace or earrings with a dress like this to give off a little extra flair.


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