What Did You Wear to Keep Warm Today?

The temperature dropped drastically today. I was not ready for that extreme cold! As a result, I posted this question on my Facebook to see what people wore today to keep them warm besides a coat, and these were the results. I had some interesting responses!



Hofstra’s Danceworks Show

Hofstra University’s Danceworks held their fall concert at Adams Playhouse over the weekend on Nov 7 and 8.

The show consisted of 13 dances, which incorporated the styles of jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary, and included music from artists ranging from B-52’s to Beyonce.

Danceworks, which is a student-run organization open to all Hofstra students, held their auditions for the show during one of the first weekends of the semester. The audition process is an all day event, with about 120 students auditioning to be chosen by a choreographer for one of the pieces.

The choreographers are all students, aside from Alex Kuhlke, who is an alumnus of Hofstra’s Danceworks and who choreographed the dance to the B-52’s “Love Shack.”

When the dancers returned to their rooms after auditioning, they had to wait by their phones all night for a text message stating that they were chosen to be in a piece. This message could come in as late as 3 a.m.

Not everyone in Danceworks is guaranteed to attain a spot in one of the dances. Each dance consists of 15-22 dancers, and no dancer is permitted to be in more than three or four pieces.

From there, the dancers began their rehearsal process. They met every week from the beginning of the semester up until the day of the show to perfect their moves and make the choreographers’ visions come to life.

The performance opened with a hip-hop piece to a compilation of Beyonce songs, including “Crazy In Love” and “Diva,” and received a huge applause.

The only tap piece in the show was choreographed by Ginny Mottla, a junior member of Danceworks. Mottla’s piece, which was performed to the song “Dress” by Sylvan Esso, was about breaking the stereotype of tap. Mottla created characters who performed odd and somewhat creepy moves, such as playing with their dresses and fumbling with their hair. “She told us that her goal was to leave the audience in shock,” Sierra Sharratt, a sophomore member of Danceworks, stated.

The concert also featured a performance from the Hofstra Dutchmen, an all male a cappella group, which is comprised of 16 members. They belted out different tunes each of the two nights- including the Imagine Dragon’s song, “Radioactive.”

“I absolutely loved being in the fall concert,” Sharratt stated. “It is really spectacular to see people dance, as well as have the opportunity to be a part of a performance like that.”